Special Issue

Advances in Applied Mathematics: Special Issue on the Tutte Polynomial

Guest editors: J.A. Ellis-Monaghan, J.P.S. Kung, I. Moffatt

We invite submissions to a special issue of Advances in Applied Mathematics on the Tutte polynomial. Papers submitted to this special issue should be on the Tutte polynomial and related graph and matroid invariants. Although this special issue emerges from a July 2015 Workshop on New Directions for the Tutte Polynomial: Extensions, Interrelations, and Applications, papers submitted to this issue need not have been presented at the workshop.

Submitted papers must meet the journal’s standards of excellence. All papers will go through the normal refereeing process. In particular, the paper submitted must be a research paper, not a shortened version or abstract, and it cannot be submitted to another journal. Papers for special issues are normally about 10 to 40 pages long, although there is some flexibility.

All papers must be submitted through the online submission system on the journal website at www.journals.elsevier.com/advances-in-applied-mathematics/. Please indicate that the paper is to be considered for this special issue by choosing “Tutte Polynomial Workshop” as the article type. The deadline for submission is April 30, 2016. For more information, please contact the Guest Editors.

Joanna Ellis-Monaghan, jellis-monaghan@smcvt.edu
Joseph Kung, kung@unt.edu
Iain Moffatt, iain.moffatt@rhul.ac.uk